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Selling Your Used Items

We buy all seasons all the time. We request that your apparel items are freshly laundered. No stains, fading or excessive wear.

1. Walk in with your items anytime Monday thru Saturday 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.
2. Shop around the store or run an errand while the buyer reviews your items.
3. The buyer will select items we can resell based on desirability of the brands,condition, safety and age of the items.
4. The buyer will then pay cash for the items we are interested in. Things we feel we can not resell will be returned to you.


We look for current styles. Generally, we look for items purchased within the last 5 years.

 We try to purchase better brands. Clothing brands such as Gymboree, Gap, Mini Boden, Hanna Anderson, Crewcuts, Ralph Lauren, Nike and Under Armour are always in high demand.


Equipment and toys must be in good working order and clean, with all their parts. Most of all they must be safe. We check for recalls. We request you check their site if you have any safety questions about your items.


There are some product categories we don't accept. Stuffed animals, bedding, used breastpumps, cribs manufactured before June 2011, and carseats are examples of things we don't accept.








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